You & Us

Founded in 1989 Theotokis Travel Congresses is an independent travel agency based in Athens, Greece. Our company combines the flexibility of a small team with the advantages of having a worldwide professional network.

We are organised in a very efficient way to provide personalised human-centric customer experience. Our small team also offers after office hours support which reaches the 24/7.

The most important fact about our Agency is the International Air Transport Association’s accreditation. Being an IATA Travel Agent differentiates us from the majority of the Travel Agencies. In other words, we have the same direct access to your air-ticket as the airline has. This way you don’t have to worry.

Our personnel is highly educated, dedicated, characterised by professionalism. After more than 20 years of working together, the trusted personnel have obtained strong bonds with us and with each other.

The Management resolves together with the personnel any issue that may occur, providing solutions under any circumstance of urgency, or change of plans. Suggesting alternatives is one of the most welcome challenges for us!

The Athenian suburb Halandri is well-known for its market. On its very central square where people gather at numerous restaurants and cafes, our spacious and bright office offers a great view. You feel nothing but welcomed.

Contact details

The pin on the map will lead you at 4, Eleftheroton sq. 15232, Halandri (Athens, GR).

Telephone number (3 lines): +30 210 685 28 92.

General e-mail contact: